BOND-A-WEAV Collection LACE FRONT Collection

Increase Your Impulse Sales
by placing our new Liquid Gold 2oz. applicator bottle in the blister pak on your pegboard display along the side of the many packs of hair accessories by stocking the complete line of Liquid Gold Products today.


Liquid Gold is pleased to announce the new standard in Wig Adhesive Products. A new range from the name you already trust. Lace Front is easy to apply and fast and easy to remove. It dries to an invisible finish with a latex free formula that is both water and oil proof. Build your business today. Explore the new Lace Front line now!


Liquid Gold is pleased to announce that our online store is now open for business. To start shopping, click on the Bond-A-Weav product range or the Lace-Front product range. On each product detail page, you'll see an "Add to Cart" button. Shop for Liquid Gold Bonding products today!