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About Lloneau Products Lloneau Products has established a leadership position in the Weave and Extensions hairstyles market, through new products innovations, excellent product quality and research and development. We are a leading manufacturer to the Professional Beauty Industry.Lloneau Products know that hair styles have always been an important part of today's woman personal style. Whether the hair is short or long or somewhere in between the different hair styles can be a terrific way to reflect different sides of a woman personality. Weave, braids, and extensions are an excellent way to achieve the perfect style that fits your independent lifestyle.

Our founder, Dr. Anthony Lloneau PhD, has an obsession with quality and is dedicated to the education of professional stylist with excellent product quality and research and development. This is our heritage, and these are the goals we have embraced as a leading manufacturer to the Professional beauty Industry.

Tips Book
Educational Book

For instructions for weave, fusion & extension services and for adding contrasting color strands to simulate streaking...without the use or need for expensive tools or equipment. Performed with "Liquid Gold" and curling iron. It dries clear, flexible and closer to the scalp for longer grow out time. Bonds weaves 3-4 times longer, even after 3 or more shampoos.

Get the educational book with questions & answers for only $3.00